Images that tell stories. Silent theatre. Dance and movement

Martien Hendriks draws his inspiration from music, theatre, dance and movement. ‘Events’ – a concert or dance performance, the birth of a child, or an incident that shocks the community – also prompt his creativity. Horses are another favourite subject.

‘When I’m producing a design I shut everyone out. I create from total isolation and withdrawal. In complete silence. I need this to guarantee my authenticity and originality.’

To Martien Hendriks, creating art is like pregnancy: ‘An organic thing, a creation has to grow spontaneously.’ All in the complete isolation of his studio, with no outside influences or interference – no enthusiastic comments or discussion.

‘That disrupts my creative process.’
Ruimtelijke Verbeelding | Martien Hendriks | Binderseind 3 | 5421 CG Gemert | The Netherlands | T. +31 (0)492 36 25 06 | M. +31 (0)6 513 104 85
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