Brush and bend, heat and shape, force and patinate, polish, file, weld, solder and model

Martien Hendriks' work is down-to-earth. It represents something. Sometimes his art is light and airy, sometimes it weighs several tonnes.

With great feeling, he hand-carves a dancer from Belgian blue stone. He forces stainless steel into swinging curves, bends fine wire into spatial objects and casts bronze until it solidifies into hard forms.

"My client and I have to have the feeling that this is 'it', 'him' or 'her'. The work has to be right in physical terms, of course, but it must also encompass the person or subject."

The products of Martien Hendriks' imagination are everywhere -- in the countryside, in interior spaces, in display cases, in frames and, above all, in the hearts of their lucky owners.
Ruimtelijke Verbeelding | Martien Hendriks | Binderseind 3 | 5421 CG Gemert | The Netherlands | T. +31 (0)492 36 25 06 | M. +31 (0)6 513 104 85
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