High-quality stainless steel, bronze, marble, blue stone, granite, copper, wood

‘I’m a multimaterialist. I grab what I can, use anything I can get my hands on in my creations. I explore, feel, use and combine whatever I like.’

His material store is inexhaustible, his tool and machinery collection huge.

‘I used to see the love of the craftsman in the working of the material. I find it fascinating. The perfection of inlaid wood, the endless crafting of steel using very few resources. We are slowly losing that. I try to keep hold of that feeling. In fact, I would say that I incapable of doing otherwise, for love of the material.’

Hour after hour, day after day, week after week he works on the piece in hand, until it speaks and reveals its meaning. The material as medium.
Ruimtelijke Verbeelding | Martien Hendriks | Binderseind 3 | 5421 CG Gemert | The Netherlands | T. +31 (0)492 36 25 06 | M. +31 (0)6 513 104 85
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