Martien also produces commissioned works, and has created around 70 pieces for companies, public authorities, institutions, associations and private clients.

His work takes many forms, in terms of materials, size and the subjects they depict. They range from small, manageable sculptures to monumental works several metres tall.

‘Commissioned work is always a challenge, and I try to go to the extremes within the constraints of the commission. I put myself in my client’s shoes, try to delve into their motives, and set to work. The first person I have to satisfy is myself. If the result convincingly appeals to or moves the client, I see that as a compliment. I always get compliments.’

Arrangements are always businesslike. A commission is discussed beforehand. After the design phase, he presents a model, and a final quote. Finally, after a period of intensive work, generally involving traditional crafts, the result is revealed.

‘There comes a point where something has to be finished, perfect.’
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